Arié Fisher

Arié Fisher spent his early career helping build a variety of startups and companies in Canada and the United States.

He now leads Innovation at PwC, where he incorporates the latest ideas in technology and business strategy to helps companies modernize their business models and work practices. He believes we have as much to learn about business from social trends as we do from management theory. In the last five years he has helped companies re-imagine how to work, collaborate, serve customers, and compete using modern technologies and work practices. He as led business transformation projects at some of the country’s largest companies, including PwC itself.

Arie brings a creative and empathetic approach to his work. He is passionate about education, mentorship, and personal development, and takes many opportunities to share his thoughts in writing and speaking engagements. He feels lucky to work in such a dynamic field, with such passionate and courageous people, during such disruptive times.