Prizes and Judging


  • $10k in cash (First place: $6,000; Second place: $3,000; Third place: $1000)
  • The top three teams will be offered 6 months of co-working space through the Community Innovation HUB
  • The first place team will be offered an exclusive workshop and coaching session at PwC’s Experience Centre (a $20,000 value)

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Judging Criteria

Teams will pitch their best idea to a panel of distinguished, expert judges who will allocate prizes based on the criteria set out below.

1. Is the solution a sharing economy application?

2. To what degree does it have an impact on food security or food waste in Ontario?

3. Feasibility:

  • What is the value proposition/does the solution expand value?
  • Can we build the solution?
  • Are the technologies and skills needed to build the solution available or within reach?
  • Can the team actually make it happen?
  • What are the foreseeable challenges in scaling your solution?
  • Who else do you need to engage to make your solution a reality?
  • How well does the solution answer the challenge question?
  • Can we do this as a team?
  • What data/evidence do you have to suggest that the idea is feasible?
  • Does the solution align with any longer term policy goals/objectives?
  • Is it technically, socially and even possible from a stakeholder perspective?

4. Impact:

  • Who are the key stakeholders and/or partners?
  • Does the solution turn a pain point into a delight?
  • Does it expand user value?
  • What are the key impacts and benefits?
  • Will the solution generate impact for positive social change?
  • Will the solution fit into people’s lives?
  • Does it differentiate the outcome?
  • Does it improve the persona’s/ user’s experience?
  • What will be the solution’s return on investment?
  • Will the solution affect a significant population of people over time?
  • Will the solution lead to change on a larger scale over time (i.e. 3 to 5 years out)?
  • Why should we do this? What is the benefit for our persona/user?
  • Will it be disruptive and change lives?

5. Pitch Delivery:

  • Did the team delivery the pitch within the required time frame?
  • Was the pitch clear and delivered with a strong narrative?
  • Did the team effectively demonstrate the impact on the proposed users?
  • Did the team effectively use visual and story-telling aids to bring to life the opportunity and business plan?

Contest Rules (pdf)

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