Winners and Photos

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Photo Gallery – Day 2

1st Place Winner: Tagface

Alia Youssef-255

Minister Sousa, Ian Campeau and Team Tagface

Many customers have difficulty knowing what they are buying and understanding food labels.
Tagface is a smart digital price tag that can display not only the retail price but also other information related to food including a scoring system that takes information such as the source of production, health benefits, and environmental impacts into consideration. Using a simple scanner or NFC, people can clearly see customized food information on the causes that they care about.

In addition, a lot of food waste is created because of the grocery stores’ static inventory management systems. Smart price tags can reduce significant store management costs and label-changing costs, from reducing printing and labor costs to reducing human errors. At the same time, smart price tag can be changed anytime with a few clicks and as frequently as needed to meet demands and reduce waste.

Team:  Tingue Li, Adolphus Lau, Te Chen, Yujie Wang, Tain Wei Li

2nd Place Winner: Grow Trackr

Alia Youssef-250

Minister Sousa and Team Grow Trackr

To establish a small hydroponic farm within existing community spaces, and deliver workshops about growing food and nutrition. With the use of an in-workshop app we collect data about urban fresh food needs as well as growing system data to help farmers and agricultural planners understand consumers.

Team: Kate O’Brien, Jenifer Maney, Andrew Walls, Josh Fowke

3rd Place Winner: Newcomer Kitchen

Alia Youssef-247

Minister Sousa and Team Newcomer Kitchen

Newcomer Kitchen is a non-profit organization that invites newly-arrived Syrian refugee women to cook a weekly meal in its kitchen. The meals are sold online for pickup or delivery, and the proceeds shared among the cooks. Our goal is to create a model that can be replicated with any newcomer group, in any restaurant kitchen, in any city in the world.

Newcomer Kitchen is developing a digital portal/ app that aims to connect kitchens, newcomers and customers and is oriented at fostering collaboration, opportunity and community.


Team: Cara Benjamin, Esmaeel Abofakher, Jan Skorzewski